17 billion barrels & counting


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Unmanned aircraft makes beyond-line-of-sight history
» Unmanned aircraft makes beyond-line-of-sight history

A team completed the country's first FAA-approved true beyond-visual-line-of-sight domestic flight of an unmanned aircraft system under the small UAS rule flying along the Trans Alaska Pipeline corridor. » Story


Pipeline People

Cindy Keuler
» Cindy Keuler

"Cindy is one who makes good on promises and commitments and follows company ethical standards to the letter. And perhaps the most notable of all of Cindy's qualities is the almost unattainable standard to which she holds herself."
»


Pipeline Facts:

The pipeline is often referred to as "TAPS" - an acronym for the Trans Alaska Pipeline System.

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Pipeline Reliability

August 2019 Reliability Factor

Reliability Factor for Aug 2019


Reliability Factor for year 2019


There was one proration during August that impacted the reliability factor.

There were 344,498 deferred barrels during August that impacted the reliability factor.

TAPS Throughput

August throughput: 12,112,052 BBLS*
Average: 390,711 BPD**

Year 2019: 118,497,388 BBLS*
Average: 487,644 BPD**

*BBLS (barrels) = 42 Gallons
**BPD = Barrels Per Day

For more information about the amount of crude oil that has been transported through TAPS, click here.

For information on reporting a pipeline emergency, click here.

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