17 billion barrels & counting


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RGV-40 replacement a fast-moving, fine-tuned orchestra
» RGV-40 replacement a fast-moving, fine-tuned orchestra

Replacing a TAPS remote gate valve (RGV) is a rare and extraordinary event. This summer, crews replaced RGV-40 during a 36-hour TAPS shutdown. » Story


Pipeline People

Kim Kortenhof
» Kim Kortenhof

A unique career path has allowed Kortenhof to work in many positions and with numerous TAPS staff and programs, gaining her a wide-ranging perspective on the business of TAPS.
»


Pipeline Facts:

Telluric currents caused by the same phenomenon that generates the Northern Lights can be picked up by the pipeline and zinc/magnesium anodes. The anodes act like grounding rods to safety return these currents to the earth reducing the risk of damage to the pipeline.

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Pipeline Reliability

September 2015 Reliability Factor

Reliability Factor for Sep 2015


Reliability Factor for year 2015


There were 0 prorations during September that impacted the reliability factor.

There were 0 deferred barrels during September that impacted the reliability factor.

TAPS Throughput

September throughput: 14,825,133 BBLS*
Average: 494,171 BPD**

Year 2015: 135,491,872 BBLS*
Average: 496,307 BPD**

*BBLS (barrels) = 42 Gallons
**BPD = Barrels Per Day

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