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Electrification and Automation

Electrification & Automation

In 2001, Alyeska launched the Electrification & Automation (E&A) project. The project has two primary goals: reduce physical infrastructure and simplify operations and maintenance.

The electrification portion of the project will replace legacy turbine pumping units that have powered the pipeline since startup. Replacing the turbine units will reduce Alyeska’s environmental footprint and operational costs. The new E&A pumping units will provide stronger flexibility to adjust to increases and decreases in crude oil throughput.

The automation portion of the project allows Alyeska to remotely control pipeline operations. A major part of the upgrade involved an installation of an advanced supervisory control and data acquisition SCADA system. The E&A SCADA system allows pipeline technicians to monitor line-wide pipeline pressures, flow rates, temperatures, tank levels and pipeline valves.

The new E&A is installed at Pump Stations 1, 3, 4 and 9.

Overall, the new system will provide a more cost effective crude oil transportation system and will allow Alyeska to better support future North Slope exploration and production.

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