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Alyeska staff, TAPS contractors pass 30 million hour safety milestone

Alyeska president Brigham A. McCown recently announced to company staff and TAPS contractors that they had collectively passed a significant safety milestone: 30 million consecutive hours worked without a Days Away from Work Case (DAFWC). The announcement was made during a call that lauded the workforce for an exceptional safety record in 2020.

The workforce technically reached the milestone on November 10, but the entire month’s hours worked had to be collected and processed before the milestone could be confirmed. The streak began nearly six years ago, following the last recorded DAFWC on December 28, 2014.
“This is a job well-done, and an exciting achievement that deserves special recognition,” said McCown. “This milestone is years in the making, and it’s a result of each of our teammates working and acting with discipline. We celebrate that today, and our commitment to safety will continue daily.”
For context, one person would have to work 24/7/365 for 3,424 years to reach 30 million hours; 360 people would have to work entire 40-year careers of 40-hour workweeks, without missing work due to injury, to reach this goal.

SERVS says goodbye -- and hello -- to the Fort Liscum

This year, Alyeska welcomed its newest member to the SERVS fleet, a 49-foot, self-propelled belt skimmer, the Fort Liscum. Built by Kvichak Marine in Seattle, this vessel replaced a 47-year-old skimmer of the same name. It arrived in Valdez in January, but training was delayed due to COVID measures. On Monday, November 9, SERVS personnel held a demonstration for regulators and stakeholders in front of the public dock in Valdez. During an oil spill, the Fort Liscum would be supported by work boats pulling boom to concentrate the oil for more effective collection.

Alyeska supports Kotsina River clean-up

Photo credit: Lisa Docken, Copper River Watershed.
Alyeska was a proud sponsor of the community clean-up of the Kotsina River delta this fall. More than 20 volunteers, including Alyeska employees, and heavy equipment loaded five dump truck loads of debris to the landfill or recycler. Shout out to Copper River Watershed, Cruz Construction and others for taking this important project on; we’re happy to support a safe and clean watershed for all users. Read more about it in this recent Cordova Times article..  

Moment of Muskox Zen

Click here or the image above for a video of  a mini-muskox convoy recently near Pump Station 2, captured by Jeff Sullivan, TAPS Security.

Ballot Measure 1 increases challenges of operating TAPS

Alyeska president Brigham McCown recently wrote in an op-ed published across the state that opened by stating, "The Alaskans who work at Alyeska focus on one core mission: safely and reliably moving Alaska's oil from the North Slope to our terminal in Valdez. It is the single reason the company exists, and a stewardship our workforce has diligently and proudly undertaken for more than 43 years. ... At Alyeska, we tend to keep our heads down and generally stay out of political issues. Why? Because we're busy working 24/7 to safely operate TAPS, that 800-mile long marvel that is Alaska's economic lifeline. We're constantly finding new and innovative ways to operate and revitalize the pipeline, committed to seeing TAPS live well into the future. But when a public policy issue comes up that affects our pipeline, we sit up and pay attention. This is why we are speaking up in opposition to Ballot Measure 1."

Click here to read the full op-ed.

Alyeska celebrates standout people, projects with Atigun Awards

Alyeska’s Atigun Awards highlight the hardworking and award-winning pipeline people and teams across the state. With past Atiguns, Alyeska celebrated with parties and ceremonies along the TAPS route, and in Fairbanks, Valdez and Anchorage. With 2020 Atigun Awards events postponed, the Atigun Awards went virtual with a video event, featuring Alyeska leadership presenting awards to honorable mention recipients and Atigun-winners, as well as to President’s Choice awards honorees. Click here or the image above to watch this year's awards presentation.

Murkowski's Message: Brigham McCown interview

Senator Lisa Murkowski, chairman of the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, recently recorded a new episode of her podcast, featuring Brigham McCown, president of Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. They discussed how the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) is navigating current conditions, some highlights of its over 40 years of serving Alaska, recent changes in leadership on the North Slope, Alyeska's safety culture, and more. Click here or on the image to the right to listen.

Alyeska earns Coast Guard award for environmental excellence

The United States Coast Guard has announced that Alyeska earned a gold-level William A. Benkert Award for Environmental Excellence. This is the premiere award presented by the Coast Guard that honors members of the marine industry for excellence in areas of marine safety and environmental protection.

The program notes, “Gold level recipients have expended extraordinary effort into protecting the environment and it shows. This biennial award recognizes organizations for outstanding achievements in all aspects of marine environment protection.”

The award specifically reviewed Alyeska’s marine safety and environmental performance between 2018-2019 and included highlights such as the marine services transition, the organization’s safety culture and performance, environmental monitoring, community partnerships and philanthropy programs. Though the nomination was focused on the Valdez Marine Terminal and Prince William Sound, work around TAPS – like the 2019 Minton Creek exercise and Alyeska’s ongoing work with University Alaska Fairbanks on unmanned aerial vehicles – was also recognized.

“This award is an awesome acknowledgement of our employees and their commitment to protecting the precious environment we call home,” said Betsy Haines, Alyeska Senior Vice President, Operations & Maintenance. “We’re recognized, in part, for our work in prevention, and also our safe and effective responses when a bad day occurs.”

The Benkert Award was created to recognize outstanding achievements in marine environmental protection that go beyond mere compliance with industrial and regulatory standards. It is intended to be a creative exchange of ideas and innovations to everyone's benefit. It serves as a map for assessing environmental management strengths and weaknesses while stressing a continual improvement.

This environmental award is named for Rear Admiral William M. Benkert (1923-1989), who served at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC as Chief of the Office of Marine Environment and Systems from 1972 until 1974, and as Chief of the Office of Merchant Marine Safety from 1974 until 1978. He is fondly remembered as the father of the Coast Guard's Marine Environmental Protection Program. 

TAPS turns 44

A recent article in Alaska Business Monthly, "TAPS turns 44," touches on the past, present and future of the pipeline, as well as the safety focus, maintenance work, operations approach and talented people that keep it running. Click here to read the article.

Valdez Marine Terminal spill updates

Response and recovery work on the water and on the ground continue in response to the spill at the Valdez Marine Terminal. Follow the ongoing efforts and subscribe for updates at

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