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Holly Schoenborn / Pipeline Advisor

Describe your work history with Alyeska: I started work as a Pipeline technician on July 14, 1980. I was one of approximately 10 female technicians in a workforce of over 400 technicians. It was, to say the least, intimidating at times. Most of my career has been spent in pipeline operations: 9 years as a technician, 8 years as a Pump Station Supervisor, and presently 9 years as Pipeline Advisor. Between 1997-2002., I moved into the Employee Concerns Program. This gave me and in-depth view of all the departments in the company and how they functioned (or should function).

Describe the work you currently do for Alyeska: Right now, I work for Senior Pipeline Director John Baldridge as a Pipeline Advisor. Everyone wants to know what an advisor does, but I’m afraid if people knew, they would want my job! Seriously, I have one of the best jobs in the company acting as a consultant to the Pipeline Director on an ever-changing variety of topics. I also advise and support the O&M Supervisors and the Area Managers when asked. I usually work the “people related issues” ranging from policies to hiring and other duties as assigned. The “duties as assigned” makes the job interesting, challenging and always changing. The trick is to give good advice by drawing on the experiences, skill sets, and networks I have established over the years.

Can you describe in 1-2 sentences a particularly memorable incident that occurred during your years with Alyeska? Touring the pipeline and terminal with the new BFEP hires -- nicknamed the “techlings” because they are training to become technicians -- has been a great experience. I enjoy their enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and their questions, all of which ultimately cause me to learn more about my work environment and to appreciate it.

What do you enjoy doing outside work? This time of year I want to plant something! I love to garden, read, do home improvement projects and spend time at my cabin.

What do you enjoy most about working for Alyeska? It is the people. In the past 30 years I have met some incredible characters and have made some lasting friendships.

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