Safety and Environment

Safety Culture Overview

Central to Alyeska Pipeline’s daily business and company culture is employees’ commitment to safety.

At Alyeska, every meeting, gathering or major project begins with a safety minute or huddle. No task is launched without employees first assessing and addressing any potential risks. Major safety milestones are celebrated, such as in 2011 when Alyeska and contractor employees logged 10 million hours worked without anyone missing a day of work due to injury.

Alyeska employees and contractors ended 2012 with the best safety and environmental performance on record, marking across-the-board improvements in areas such as process safety, occupational safety performance and vehicle safety.

"Employees should all take pride in this," said Rod Hanson, Director of the Health, Safety & Environment Team. "Through their collective efforts, hard work, and attention to detail, they have demonstrated the results that are possible."
Highlights included:

  • Continued improvement in process safety management systems and a reduction in process safety events.
  • TAPS' best ever combined (Alyeska & contractor) occupational safety performance.
  • Two years in a row without an Alyeska employee OSHA recordable or DAFWC injury.
  • A significant improvement in vehicle safety performance.
  • A very solid environmental performance record.

"These sorts of HSE performance improvements are not by accident," Hanson said. "These results must be earned.”

Every employee on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System has the authority and responsibility to stop work if they feel it cannot be completed safely – from contractors to project managers to executives. At Alyeska, safety is everyone’s business.

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